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Modern Slavery – Update

Despite COVID-19, modern slavery is still with us.

While the majority of the country are focused on the emerging health crisis, victims of modern slavery or those who are vulnerable will not disappear (they are more at risk than those of us who have an income and family). It is certain that at the end of this crisis there will still be a people who wish to make money out of the illegal treatment of others.

We recognise that at the end of this crisis the modern slavery situation will still be with us. The Clewer Initiative is in the process of developing a number of projects including, developing an app around rural agriculture workers, consulting safeguarding specialists on the care of victims within the Church and developing advance planning for many Hidden Voices community mobilisation courses in the autumn. Responding to concerns around lockdown Clewer has released this latest article: https://www.theclewerinitiativ...

The Together Network has the contacts and resources to develop practical responses at local level. Working with partners we develop and support projects, and share our experiences and models of best practice with communities which are looking for ways to tackle the issues.

If you would like any further information or help please contact:

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