All Places of Welcome are now closed, however we can still all connect, please see the links below for up to date signposting

#peopleofhope campaign can be found here

CUF website can be found here:

Community connecting and support can be found here:

Financial signposting and support can be found here:

The Places of Welcome concept

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Places of Welcome is a Together Network initiative which provides places where people can meet regularly for a cup of tea and a chat.

We started with one group in Birmingham and now there are more than 500 across the UK. They are staffed by volunteers and the refreshments are free. And the venues range from churches, mosques and temples, to public libraries and community centres.

Anyone can attend, regardless of their circumstances or situation. And the benefits go beyond the social aspects as people are often inspired to share their skills, talents and experiences to help others. It is networking and support at its best.

If you would like to find out more about the Places of Welcome please visit