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Every day, across England, churches are working in their local communities to tackle social inequality, transform neighbourhoods and change lives!

During the Covid-19 crisis the Together Network is totally dedicated to connecting with churches and other community organisations. Providing resources, signposting and the support they need for them to have real impact in their communities.

How it works

The Together Network exists to respond to local issues, supporting and helping communities to tackle the things that matter most to them. As well as developing new ideas it can help churches, organisations and community groups work together effectively and creatively.

We are totally dedicated to linking churches and other community organisations, providing resources, signposting and support.

The strength of the network is its knowledge-base – the facility to share ideas, experience and contacts. It can also build and strengthen local collaborative partnerships between those seeking to do similar work in similar areas. And it provides its joint ventures with the ‘joined up thinking’ that makes the most of the desire of Christians to make a difference where they live.

The Together Network gives national support to local action.

If you would like to contact us or get involved please contact: Amy.page@cuf.org.uk

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The Together Network is a union of 21 faith-based partnerships. Known as joint ventures, each is a partnership between the Church Urban Fund and a Church of England diocese, and focused on the needs and priorities of the communities they serve. And each employs at least one development worker who has the knowledge and skills needed to support and develop local projects.

At the heart of everything they do is something we call ABCD, or Asset-based Community Development. It’s a way of working that makes the most of the skills and capacities of local residents, groups and businesses to build stronger, happier and thriving communities. ABCD is the means by which we can create sustainable, action-based projects to tackle social inequality at ground level.

The Together Network: National movement, Local action.

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Charity Information

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Church Urban Fund, Church House, 27 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3AZ
Registered Charity Number: 297483

Church Urban Fund

The Church Urban Fund (CUF) was established by the Church of England more than 30 years ago. It was a practical response to help local parish networks link with other faith-based and secular organisations to tackle the areas of greatest need in their communities.

CUF is committed to creating and building local partnerships to bring about long-term and sustainable change. We believe that local residents are the people who understand the issues affecting their communities; and that they are the best people to drive the change they want to see.

The Together Network is the Church Urban Fund in action.