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Community Cohesion – Update

We want our communities to continue to flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness.

During this current unsettling time, our Together Network partners are working harder than ever to connect churches and local organisations with the resources and support that they need to have real impact in their communities. Our partners around the country are collating local information, knowledge and learning, and sharing it through their networks, working one-to-one with projects to work out how to best deliver their work in a very different situation, as well as mobilising volunteers to make sure that vital work can be delivered.

#peopleofhope campaign can be found here:

CUF website, including volunteering resources can be found here:

Community connecting and support can be found here:

Financial signposting and support can be found here:

Of course, every community is different, and the support and changes people are looking for is different too.

It’s why the Together Network believes in bringing people together, and helping them work together to improve things in their own neighbourhoods. We help communities decide what they want to do, and then we draw on the contacts, knowledge and expertise of the Together Network to create individual projects that will bring about positive change. When dealing with more difficult situations our Near Neighbours organisation is the perfect partner to help make a difference.

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