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Food Poverty – Update

Foodbanks and shops are currently stretched to their limits, many people are struggling to find or afford the food they need. This issue affects both young and old.

During this current unsettling time, our Together Network partners are working hard to help foodbanks update the ways they’re operating to reach those who most need their help. We’re sharing vital local information like food bank opening times, linking up volunteers with emerging projects and supporting churches to take action of their own, like delivering food hampers to isolated older people and set-up telephone buddy systems.

We work in communities to tackle food poverty in a host of ways. From organising Holiday Clubs in the school holidays to help families whose children receive free school meals, to lunch clubs for the elderly. We’re changing the way we deliver our holiday food and fun programmes, ensuring that families receive the food they need at home via hamper deliveries, along with fun activities to do at home. We also provide expertise, help and advice to groups setting up food banks. And we offer practical solutions like programmes to teach people to cook healthily on a budget.

If you have questions about emergency food support in your local area see 'about us' section of this site, follow the links to your local joint venture.

For information about foodbank’s during the pandemic, the Trussell Trust have collated key information here.

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