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Following the pandemic, many homeless people have been removed from their temporary accommodation and returned to life on the street.

The number of homeless in England increases year-on-year, and the statistics just don't seem to get better. As we emerge from lockdown and an end to the eviction moratorium, we are expecting to see a sharp rise in homelessness and need to be ready to help.

Our partners are coordinating efforts to support those who no longer have the option of a night shelter, organising hot meals to take away, working with councils and housing providers, and repurposing night shelter volunteers to be impactful projects.

The Together Network works in communities organising night shelters and drop-in sessions to provide relief for immediate needs such as food and clothing. And we also tackle the wider issues connected with homelessness, such as assisting people to access benefits, helping them to manage their finances, and offering extra support like employment training and healthcare.

Since 2018 our Positive Pathways project has seen network core members work with local delivery partners in Yorkshire and the North East. Positive Pathways is an outreach programme giving people experiencing homelessness personalised support and guidance. Through this project hundreds of homeless people have been given one-to-one personal support, accessed a safe community space or even moved into short or long-term housing. Thanks to the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation for supporting this work.

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